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Lily Balasanova and Sergei Kolevatykh  live and work in Moscow.
They studied together in the Department of Art and Design at the Moscow Academy of Textiles, where both of them got MFA degrees.

Lily and Sergei are participants of more than 60 solo and group art shows and projevts in Russuia and abroad.

Much of their work has been acquired by private and state buyers, including The Art Foundation and The State Museum Foundation of The Russian Federation, and such prominent corporate collections, as Deloitte, John Deere, Hyatt Development, Johnson & Johnson, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Hewlett-Packard and many others.  Art works of Lily and Sergei decorate interiors and public spaces of such well-known companies, as Renova, Sitronics, Praedium, AG Capital, Central Properties and The International Airport Sheremetyevo.

Authors of a gallery project STUDIO 30, Lily Balasanova and Sergei Kolevatykh  at present time work on joint art exhibitions.


"Sergei and Lily developed side by side, and both their careers have undergone an analogous growth".
“In spite of the fact that Lily and Sergei share many insight, they are still two separate artists with diverse styles. They say that, indeed, through their intimate collaboration they nourish each other’s individuality."
"It is the combination of their joint foundation and mutual differences that give artists'  combined projects so much stratification."

Dr. Esther Nienhuis,
"Smelik & Stokking Galleries". (The Netherlands)



"Lily Balasanova  is an insightful, sophisticated, extraordinary artist with a poetic gift. She plays remarkably with different materials, - doesn’t matter whether it is a textile piece, paper or anything else. She creates unusual textures and compositions using a technique of collage."

East Meets West Gallery, (Moscow - Hong Kong),
(The Anniversary Catalogue of the gallery)

"...Lily is ... fascinated by texture and subtle differences in nuances of the same colour – water, glass and mist are some of her favorite subjects. She likes to work with transparent layers and often tries to create the illusion of depth..."

  Dr. Esther Nienhuis,
"Smelik & Stokking Galleries". (The Netherlands)



"Art is not only a way of life, but also a particular way to expand your awareness of a surrounding world – visible and invisible, as well.

 …Actually, the main subject matter of art - is non-obviousness.
 Everything obvious turns out to be easily exhaustible and becomes boring soon enough. Every image should incite at least several variants of perception – only hence, it would have a chance to linger in a current of time…"

Lily Balasanova


"…The most interesting thing is to undergo changes while you are working on a piece of art.
Even if an artist have a masterly enough command of this process, the outcome should still remain unpredictable, to the certain extent…"

Sergei Kolevatykh



"Sergei Kolevatykh is a wonderful master of composition, mystification, and surrealistic allusions. He performs skillfully drawing and painting, and works in various techniques using materials of different texture and quality, including wood, leather or metal."

East Meets West Gallery, (Moscow - Hong Kong)
(The Anniversary Catalogue of the gallery)

"Sergei Kolevatykh is continuously searching for the best way to express his ideas. His work has gone through great changes over the past ten years. Kolevatykh is not afraid of experiment. He repetedly tries out new techniques, materials and subjects to heighten the expressive energy of his work. He also plays, within the framework of a painting, with the different visual elements and possibilities that tradition has to offer. Flatness an depth, line and colour, abstract and figurative elements are used side by side in his paintings. Still lives and landscapes frequently form an extention…"

Annejuul Moll-Breebaart, art critic.
"Smelik & Stokking Galleries". (The Netherlands)