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Since 2001 an atelier of Moscow artists, Lily Balasanova and Sergei Kolevatykh began to evolve not only as a contemporary art show room, but also as a meeting point for those who dare to reevaluate their perspectives in accordance with the constantly-changing time and space coordinates.
For the past several years, an international group of curators and artists working in various media has been involved in numerous  art shows and discussions held in the STUDIO 30. 
As a result of mutual contemplations, the ideas of new art projects arise.  The creative team is focused on art projects exploring many aspects of modernity and traditions, rationalism and the secret life of our inner beings.
along with Lily and Sergei, the gallery project STUDIO 30 comprises:
Pat van Boeckel
, (the Netherlands), Karin van der Molen (the Netherlands), Slava Balasanov (USA) and Olga Yaker (France).



Pat van Boeckel  (the Netherlands) is documentary filmmaker, director and video artist. A journey of six months through Indian reservations in America in 1986 marks the beginning of his development as a freelance filmmaker. Soon he found an audience in cinemas, on television and at film festivals.
In his documentaries and video art, he examines the relation of man to nature and contemporary modes of meaning, aiming towards new perspectives from philosophy, religion and philosophy of indigenous peoples. His work is characterized by simplicity and is through the slow pace a comment on the speed and volatility of modern visual culture.
The video production "In the beginning" won the Vermeulen Brauckman Art Prize 2008. The jury on this artwork: "It is flawlessly directed, has subtle moments and even a plot. The theme is not only updated (and at the same time remained timeless), but in fact covers the whole Christian story of "In the beginning" to the Passion. At the same time work is perfectly mundain and plain."





Karin van der Molen (the Netherlands) - environmental artist, painter, sculptor, participant of  numerous exhibitions in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark and Russia. Since 2005 Karin has been working as a curator of international art projects. Many of them evolve much of public interest.

Collaborative work on the projects "Fort Europe" (2006) and "In Search of a Name" (2009) together with ReRun Producties Foundation (the Netherlands) curated by Karin van der Molen and Pat van Boeckel has become very decisive in finding new perspectives for the creative team of Studio 30.
The theme of the upcoming art project "The First Meeting", based on the unusual story of relationships between two poets - R.M.Rilke and Marina Tsvetaeva, has come not of a sudden. It has become a result of mutual exchange of ideas and cross-cultural discussions.







Slava  (Slava Balasanov) -  is a musician and a multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Living number of years in Chicago he has played an integral role in the Chicago electronic music scene curating multi-media events and running the Moment Sound record label. He has released music on the legendary Mathematics Recordings, !K7, and Future Times Records. As an artist Slava works extensively with cutting-edge media technologies in order to create captivating audio-visual performances, installations and video art.

Original audio versions by Slava (Slava Balasanov) were created for a number of art projects by STUDIO 30  "A Different Geometry" (2010), "Altered Space" (2009) and "Song of a Grasshopper" (2008). Art shows "Imaginary Landscapes" (2004) and "Reminiscence" (2004) were held in the US and accompanied by Slava's captivating media support.




Olga Yaker (Paris, France) - is an artist.  Her main specialization is painting.
Living in Paris, Olga has got a sophisticated understanding of style and composition. In her large scale canvases, clear line is ingeniously combined with colorful liveliness.

Olga has been invited to take part in the upcoming art project  "#5" of STUDIO 30, which opens a new series "Virtual Archive".