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Lily Balasanova
Sergei Kolevatykh


One of the ongoing themes of artists Lily Balasanova and Sergei Kolevatykh is the exploration of a multitude of coexisting realities, both virtual and actual. This theme first emerged in their work in 1999, and since then has been evolving throughout a series of exhibitions.
The particular installment “Song of a Grasshopper”, examines computer-generated virtual reality and how it manifests itself in the real world. On the joint of two centuries (and actually, two millenniums), it has become clear that computers persistently, and sometimes even violently, intrude into each and every aspect of our every day life. This is true for even the most secluded and intimate cognitive processes such as a way of thinking and creativity. Balancing on the verge of this new reality coming-to-be is a thrilling point of observation.
We are already aware of the many manifestations of this digital world and are left to speculate about what is yet to come.  It is undeniable that this alternate reality can offer vast, breathtaking opportunities. It is a place where a parallel sequence of events is unraveling – where we are free to rewrite our mythology as we see fit; and where, when things go awry, there always seems to be the wonder-working reboot…




You never know what the grasshopper is singing about:
or a desperate attempt by a meaningless, infinitesimal creature
to hold on, even if only in his own imagination,
to the shadow of the last remaining illusion,
while this dormant greenery has not yet been drawn to a bitter brew;
while the sunbeams haven’t merged into a single blinding ray of light;
while the noise of a lawnmower hasn’t crescendo to a scream of a chainsaw;
launching into the sky everything that is and is not able to fly…
Then there will be only one way out – to flee
into the horror of a free fall,
into nonexistence,
until the only thing that remains…

is an empty room
and a measured murmur of a computer


The end.



Lily Balasanova, "Eclipse", 2008, 55 x 50 cm
Audio version:  SLAVA (Slava Balasanov)
Voice:  My Choo Zhie


Lily Balasanova, "I Don't Remember, 2008, 35 x 33 cm




Lily Balasanova, "Song of a Grasshopper", 2007,  130 x 130 cm








Lily Balasanova, "Escape (Esc.)", 2008,  130 x 130 cm



Lily Balasanova "Flight Concept", 2008, 33 x 35 cm



Sergei Kolevatykh, "Zone "Zero""", 2008. 110 x 140 cm



Sergei Kolevatykh, "Change of Coordinates", 2008,  70 x 40 cm


Sergei Kolevatykh, "Cycle Motion", 2008, 50 x 50 cm



Lily Balasanova, "Reboot (Ctrl + Alt + Del)" , 2008,  110 x 140 cm


  Lily Balasanova, "Disappearance of a Landscape", 1999, 60 x 70 cm  


Sergei Kolevatykh, "Inaccessible Location", 2008, 150 x 55 cm  


Sergei Kolevatykh, "The Great Limit", 2008, 110 x 140 cm



Lily Balasanova, Sergei Kolevatykh "Architecture of Emulation", 2006,  200 x 280 cm



Lily Balasanova, "Noise", 2008, 20 x 40 cm