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Lily Balasanova
Sergei Kolevatykh


Audio version: SLAVA (Slava Balasanov)

The sensation of spatial transformation, which is a part of urban living experience, calls to life futurist images of a megalopolis, shifts all boundaries, and populates the air space with torrents of white and colored noise.



I saw something alienů
ů and felt that my world has changedů
The space bends and folds itself upon all dimensions.
The straight line no longer connects the two points ľ
 but the highway lustily sucks you into its senseless stream.
The curves no longer merge into circles that hug and protect you,
leaving a defect - where cosmic drafts come in.
The nodes no longer can restore the integrity of the fragmented reality,
or hold together the secret missives of memory.

To reach this realm, you need to make just one stepů
ůand you have just made itů



NY. Manhatten, (100 § 200 cm)




Space has altered, (110 § 120 cm )




Streaming, (190 § 140 cm)




Duality, (100 § 110 cm)




Virtual Space Medium, (140 § 190 cm)





Plexus, (190 x 75 cm)






London. Mist. Ether, (100 x 172 cm)