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Lily Balasanova
Sergei Kolevatykh


Audio version: SLAVA (Slava Balasanov)

There are certain occurrences that fail to be described in terms of classic geometry.
To comprehend those, one needs to create an internal space, where a different geometry rules.
In order to begin to understand how to build this space, one beats and butts against the invisible walls of the existing spaces.

If you disbelieve the rectangle of a room, you can reach out blindly and find a fifth corner, trashed with bits of cultures and fragments of clichés, or may uncover a naked, stinging emptiness.
One can try to bend the planes, to enclose yourself inside a sphere, to regard the outside from your glass cocoon.

You might need to dissect and cut your mental space, to turn it inside out.
In order avoid confusion and fear, you have to tell yourself This is just a game.

Just a game.

Just a game.



A Different Geometry, (111 x 220 cm)





System is Unavailable (190 x 135 cm)






Project JK-2 (144 x 178 cm)






Perpetuum Mobile (130 x 130 cm)





Tag Cloud Man (110 x 110 cm)






Parallel flight (200x 200 cm)