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Lily Balasanova
Sergei Kolevatykh

Tibetan Wheels take prayers up to the skies.

Turn the wheel clockwise, touch the prayers engraved on it, and the sacred incantation OM MANI PADME HUM, written on a piece of parchment and hidden inside, will be messaged to the world.
 Fascination with Oriental traditions has become an exotic, peculiar ingredient of a fashionable image for many people today. However, it stays an everyday practice and deep belief for others. Perhaps, most inquisitive ones have set off for Far East and elsewhere in their urge to change the fluency of time, concept of which has become permanently melted up with the notorious, universal formula of the recently passed and present century: TIME IS MONEY
Yet, sometimes, too hasty is a pace, and too heavy is a burden of previous experience to grasp at once the depth of newly borrowed ideas. Now and then, extraordinary patterns of foreign culture are tried on too impatiently. So, the same fetishes and superstitions inherited from the past appear in a disguise of new images and don’t yield to a more profound outlook.
 There’s no chance to stop and take a breath. We have adopted the statement that West – is motion; East – is stillness. In our restless life, striving for silence and tranquility, we often take eternalness for wisdom. But is it always true? Thus, sometimes, innumerable repetition of a gesture exhaust its originate sacral significance and convert it into a meaningless, automatic movement. (Can it really be regarded as a source of a rapid industrialization, by the way?)
 Though, it’s hard to recognize a substitute; and for those who decide to undertake a transition from West to East, it may be so amazing to notice countless reproduction of the same, familiar brand names and signs.
 So, wheels are turning, prayers are ascending. What they are about today? -  About hundreds of things. Maybe about objects of desire amongst… And a Tibetan monk driving a luxurious trendy auto leaves the question open.

Gold (Possession)
(110 x 100 x 10 cm)

Azure (Dreams) 
95 x 117 x 10 cm)

Ashes (Vanity)
(60 x 120 x 10

Unicode (Conclusion)
66 x 110 x 7 cm)

Time Is Money-I
(110 x 120 cm)

Time Is Money-II
(110 x 120 cm)