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  Lily Balasanova  

We like to feel that we fill up the scenery
We attack the space around us with our energy
Psychic and physical

Trying to expand the boundaries of this space
We stuff its imaginary cavities
With the products of busy conspicuousness
With objects and objets
But also with our dreams and reminiscences
Having been subtracted from your space could you see how it mends the hole
That you left
Behind you
How it sews up the rends
How it ties a knot
To remember

The water
Remembers the pain of the fishhooks
The weight of the sinkers
The hum of the circles left by the stones you pitched in the water

 And the fire
Licks its wounds
Marking up the margins of the archives
It consumes

The wind
Longs to break the stream of radio waves
It messes up the frequencies
With deliberation
Exposing the holes of the trashed air space
With gusto
Only the wordless Fuji collects
Multiple images of self
That appear
In the minds of all that saw him

The inhabited spaces
Keep the proof of our presence
Or do they?

The Fluidity the Invisible the Transparent
The smile of a Cheshire cat
The vow of silence




Book of Water, 2006, 60 x 80 cm




Book of Fish, 2006, 60 x 80 cm




Book of Fire, 2006, 60 x 80 cm




Book of Wind, 2006, 60 x 80 cm




Book of Fuji, 2006, 60 x 80 cm






Visions of Kyoto- I



Visions of Kyoto- II



Vow of Silence




In Search of a Name




Properties of Memory-1




Properties of Memory-2